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When Voltage and Current are the known Parameters

Let’s assume that we are provided with a simple resistance whose value is unknown. The source voltage and current flowing through the source are known. Now, the resistance and amount of power can be easily found using these two equations of Ohm’s Law.

-> R = V/I

-> P = V*I

An Example of Numerical

Given that a battery source of 12 V connects across an unknown resistor. The current flowing through is measured to be 2 A. Find the value of Power and resistance.


Given: R = 12V/2A = 6 ohm

And Power = V*I = 12V * 2A = 24 watt

When Voltage and Power are known parameters: Formula used will be: I = P/V, and R = V2/ P

When Voltage and Resistance are known: P = V2/ R and I = V/R

You can either use these formulas for your calculations or can directly perform these on the calculator provided above.

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